Bona, a Milanese in Bali.

The richness of Indonesian ornaments inspires and nourishes my work.

Elegance, metals in their natural state, shapes that have roots in this aesthetically refined culture, are the DNA of my jewels, all different and constantly changing. I interpret, in a modern key, objects and lines from popular culture.


After a successful career in fashion in Milan, as an accessories designer, and a long time spent working in the furniture field, Bali welcomed me, re-launching my creative vein in what has always been my passion: jewels.


Today, thanks to the manual skills of local artisans, where each piece is worked with patience and wisdom, from the same hands, from the beginning to the end, I create my collections using ductile metals such as bronze, nickel silver, brass, copper and silver, which I put alongside hard stones and other natural materials including shells, bones, wood, horn, fabrics.


Living on this archipelago, in contact with my collaborators, feeds and strengthens my feeling at home even so far from Italy.